Community Support

The Panel is very active in improving accessibility in the local area.

The panel is fortunate to have a good working partnership with Scottish Borders Council. They regularly raise issues of concern with Councillors and council officials to improve accessibility for disabled people in the local area.

We have looked at so many different issues. Here’s just a few…

  • Responding to requests regarding physical access.
  • Accessible housing
  • Accessible routes around our towns e.g. dropped kerbs, traffic lights, pathway obstructions.
  • Engaging with other groups in the town regarding access and bigger projects where access could be andissue


An Online Access Guide has been produced for anyone wanting to visit the Tweed Valley to help you prepare for your visit. It won’t be completely accurate though as businesses change and we can only update the guide from time to time so if you have any questions get in touch with us.

A report was produced on Accessible Routes around Peebles. This was funded by SBC and led by David Hunter from Not For Profit Planning. The reports can be found here. Any implementation will be subject to funding, planning and consultation.

You can also read our Constitution here.


Come along to one of our meetings. We usually meet every 2 months on Zoom or Face to Face depending on the restrictions.

The date of our next meeting is in the News section of our Home Page <link>