The last meeting of the panel was held on Wed 20th January.

Attendees were Frank, Callum, Elaine, Stuart, Paul and Spencer. In attendance was Councillor Robin Tatler

The main discussion points were.

  • The new website and social media
  • The accessible routes report
  • The constitution

The next meeting is Wednesday 24th March from 7 to 9 pm by Zoom. Contact us for more details.

The draft minutes are here Minute of Virtual Meeting 20210120

Our website is undergoing some changes to make it more usable, provide better quality of information and better engagement with the local community.

Our Access Guide  has been completed for Peebles and is live but due to Covid-19 is not really being used because everywhere is closed. We are taking the opportunity to update our pages to reflect changes on the High Street and get up to date information on existing premises.